Eden Taylor

AKA Charlotte Rivers Jakken. Assumed by the crew to be Quinn.


History as Eden

Eden Taylor was born to lower class parents on Lark in the system of Kin. They died when she was very young (due to widespread illness) and she found herself raised in an orphanage and eventually training to become a registered courtesan on Chieron Prime. She began her training at the age of 14 and has been licenses with Diamond Courtesans since she turned 16.

She is a registered voter in the Democratic Alliance and all paper work with Diamond is legitimate and legal. She has had many high powered clients since she began her work as a courtesan, but none so powerful as Franklin Cassoway, her only client for the past two years.

Eden is listed as owning a 14th floor penthouse in Davison, the capital of Chieron Prime. This is where the party assumed the last call on a disposable phone (found in a dead mans apartment) had been placed. Assuming she had something to do with his death they showed up to interrogate her, but got very little information before they were asked to leave.

History as Charlotte

Charlotte Claims to have been born on earth and rescued from the slaver raid of the Riverside Settlement. Her memory of the first 8-10 years of her life seems to be lost. She tells stories but they appear to be things that people have told her, not true memories.

All she really knows is that she was rescued. She never gave a straight answer as to who rescued her. It is likely that she doesn’t know, though she did hint that it was Darrius Jakken, though after it was revealed that Darrius believed Quinn to have been dead from massive facial trama (very similar to repaired damage found on Charlotte), that is thought to be unlikely.

Charlotte was “legally” married to Darrius Jakken (in whatever legal sense there is on the planet of Shrike), though she apparenlty wed him at the behest of someone above her, in order to keep an eye on him or even control him. She has yet to name her employer.


Eden appears to be a very pleasant and social person. She handles herself very well in social situations and has obviously received instruction in etiquette.

Through an impromptu interrogation, the party found she had quite a knack for manipulating the flow of conversation.

Upon the revelation that she is also known as Charlotte Jakken (supposedly her “real” name), her true personality came into question.


This character has Striking Looks 4 and would be considered VERY attractive by those around her, especially those her are attracted to women.

Eden Taylor

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