Welcome to “Pilgrimage”

Pilgrimage is a custom setting for New World of Darkness written by Caitlin Bower. It’s a political space opera containing two chronicles with four stories per chronicle. The party is currently embroiled in a political conflict in Story 1.


It all began April 3rd, 2012 when Canadian astronomer Philip Gregory made the controversial claim that he had found a system with three habitable planets orbiting the red dwarf star Gliese 667C. Initially, his discovery was met with widespread skepticism, but it was Gregory who would be remembered in the histories. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that his claim was accepted as a possibility, and it wasn’t until 2025 that probes sent to evaluate the planets reported their remarkable findings. Fondly referred to as Super-Earths, these three planets transformed the once fictional desire to colonize outer space into reality. The first pilgrimage to the system, which earned the nickname “Horizon,” took place in 2035. The US Government’s colonization of the planet Haven was a major success, and as a result, the two other planets in the system (Homestead and Whitegate) were both colonized by 2040. After the US’s success, the race was on. Soon after, other governments launched probes, searching for answers to their own overpopulation and pollution issues.

However, the governments of Earth were not the only participants in the colonization race. Chieron Pharmaceuticals discovered and claimed a second system (N-05, later named Chieron) and colonized it shortly after the U.S. settled in “Horizon.” Network Zero also laid a claim to N-54 and settled into the system, better known as Pandora.

Most of the citizens of Earth dreamed of living off-world. By 2070, five habitable systems in total had been colonized by various governments or corporations. The rich and famous bought their way to Chieron Prime. Those without the money to pay for passage volunteered to colonize new towns on Haven or Rhys. The people of earth left in droves.

Unfortunately, instead of solving the overpopulation and pollution issues that spurred galactic exploration in the first place, it only made them worse. Over time governments failed and the economy crashed. As the other systems thrived, Earth shriveled. Flights off-world became harder and harder to come by. Resources that people had taken for granted were becoming scarcer. Wars broke out between what governments still existed. “Prophets” screamed of the end times on street corners and in pulpits.

It is in the year 2115 when the events of Pilgrimage begin. The US government has finally fallen (after many attempts to restructure), and the remaining members of the government have fled off-world, leaving rag tag groups of citizens to protect themselves. Our characters reside in Riverside, a small refugee community outside what was once known as Memphis, Tennessee. The settlement houses about 300 people and is protected by a local militia.


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